Leather Care

How to care

for your

King Kong Leather bag

King Kong Leather uses full grain cowhide's and extra care needs to be taken to prolong the life of your bag.

How to Protect:

Please apply a leather protector to your bag before using for the reason of waterproofing, preservation & protection.
hint: first apply product on the bottom of the bag to test.
"This leather tends to absorb oil's and stain's due to its natural properties, so please apply leather protector regularly to protect your bag".


How to Condition and Clean:

Monthly apply leather conditioner to help prevent your bag from drying out.
Apply on soft cloth and rub into bag, (your bag will look new and shiny again).
Use a soft cloth to clean the exterior of your bag, do not wipe stains into bag.
Keep bag away from water, should it get wet allow it to air dry, never use heater.
Once dry apply a quality leather conditioner.

Please note:
  • Try keep bag away from direct sunlight as fading may occur.
  • Please do not stick stickers on your bag.
  • Keep bag away from chemicals, heat and humidity.
  • Do not rest bag against dyed garments to prevent color transfer.
  • The natural properties of leather, scratches, marks and flaws are not considered to be defects.

For any other questions please feel free to contact us at (+27) 21 837 1838 or email us at john@kingkongleather.com